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HotServer (tm)

VAR Information

  • No hardware to break, need service, depreciate, or update
  • The latest Microsoft Enterprise 2012 R2 operating system
  • Maintained 24/7 by Microsoft itself
  • Backup to 2 U.S. locations with 99.95% uptime - disaster recovery included
  • No licenses to buy, no patches, no maintenance
  • Less than half your present cost
  • Save electrical power, air conditioning, IT people, space
  • Increase or decrease computer power or disk space as needed
  • Install any of your software programs at no cost
  • Up to 24 users at one time on each server – you are the administrator
  • triple redundant online backup
  • professional management
  • automatic updates
  • access anywhere by PC, tablet, or smart phone
  • dual monitor ability
  • no long term contract













   Congratulations on knowing that your clients need disaster protection cloud backup or to replace servers with the Microsoft Cloud Server. There are two products you can immediately add to your offering. The WarmServer and the HotServer.

1.  Purchase the service from us by the month and sell it to your customer. You get an excellent discount on the advertised price, or set your own. Sell under our name or yours. We have no access to a customer's programs, data or disk drives.

2.  Let us teach you how to do it!
We offer a class to teach you everything you need to know in one or two days to master these two products. The HotServer will cost you about $16 per month for each client and the WarmServer or ColdServer, about $16 for all clients, paid to Microsoft or Amazon. How does this cost compare to the middle-man offers out there?

   The class is in New Orleans or near your office. The cost is $400. - call for immediate scheduling:             504-451-5721.

   You will learn to:

  • set up a cloud server with Windows Server 2012 R2 and manage it for 2 users with the included client access licenses (cals).
  • set up a cluster of two servers, one of which is a domain controller to manage up to 24 users and register client access licenses (cals).
  • set up the file synchronization system with an in-house server or workstation.
  • use local printers and scanners with the a program on the cloud server.

3. Or buy our book!

Please let us know who you are so we can send you the syllabus:


Call Barrett Leibe now – 504-451-5721


Polygon Industries, Inc., P.O. Box 24096, New Orleans, LA  70184
504-451-5721      email:

F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions)

The Syllabus of our class