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HotServer (tm)

The End of Computer Headaches!!

  • No hardware to break, need service, depreciate, or update
  • The latest Microsoft Enterprise 2012 R2 operating system
  • Maintained 24/7 by Microsoft itself
  • Backup to 2 U.S. locations with 99.95% uptime - disaster recovery included
  • No licenses to buy, no patches, no maintenance
  • Less than half your cost
  • Save electrical power, air conditioning, IT people, space
  • Increase or decrease computer power or disk space as needed
  • Install any of your software programs at no cost
  • Up to 24 users at one time on each server – you are the administrator
  • triple redundant online backup
  • professional management
  • automatic updates
  • access anywhere by PC, tablet, or smart phone
  • dual monitor ability
  • no long term contract














F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions):

Q. Can we use the HotServer as the only server?
A. Yes! You can also use it with any PC or tablet from anywhere.

Q.  What happens if the internet goes down?
A.  You business probably stops anyway. If your local net is down, you can take your laptop to McDonalds and continue. Or, buy a hotspot box for $99. from Wal-Mart that connects through Sprint or any phone company.

Q.  What happens if Microsoft goes down?
A.  They keep a copy on both the East and West Coast in three copies.And, they give a guarantee of 99.5 % uptime. (if you add a second server to stay up while updates are made)

Q.  Is my data safe over the internet?
A.  Yes, access to the Microsoft Server is secure. Your application programs send encrypted data to and from the server.

Q.  What if I want to quit the service?
A.  You can quit any time with no penalty. And download your data at any time. Burn a CD.

Q.  Is my data safe? Can Microsoft access it?
A.  It's as safe as encryption can be. Why would they want to?

Q.  What if I just want backup?
A.  Can you afford the time and cost to rebuild your system? And, some backup products are not secure.

Q.  How does the cost compare to a hardware in-house system?
A.  It's less, of course. Click here for a comparison.

Q.  How quickly can we be up and running?
A.  The HotServer is always up. The WarmServer can be turned on in 2 minutes but the data update will take a few more. Compare that to building an new server in-house!   Weeks?

Q.  Who sets us up?
A.  We set up the server for you with licenses and sync update software. You control it completely including passwords, program installation, etc.

Q.  What does it cost?
A.  We're glad you asked!  PRICES

Q.  How many users can we support?
A.  Microsoft is running over 15,000. Let's estimate up to 24   per server.

Q.  How much storage is included?
A.  Each virtual disk is 127gb but we can add any number more. The cost is based not on size but traffic exiting the server. If you have an application that runs more than normal, we'll adjust your price.


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