About Us:

   Our founder, Barrett Leibe, opened our first computer store in 1977; Micro Computers of New Orleans. It was followed by Micro Computers of Baton Rouge, Sysgen Computer, Computer Designs, and Software Express. When PCs began, even word processing did not yet exist so we had to write our own programs and solder the chips on the boards. Over the years we supplied many thousands of computers and peripherals to individuals, businesses, and universities. We were early to export and distribute to Europe and exhibited in many expos: several local, NCC twice, Comdex three times, Hannover three times, London, Paris, Geneva, and Systems in Munich twice. There were a number of advant-garde firsts:

  • first business computer store between Houston and Atlanta
  • first sealed hard disk drive for Alpha Micro computers
  • first hard disk drives for PCs, CP/M and IBM (thanks to Roger Ivey)
  • first North Star computer dealer
  • first Osborne computer dealer
  • first Kaypro computer dealer
  • first computer store in Germany
  • first language translator software on the market
  • first to produce speech-to-text, language translation, and text-to-speech

   Our network system prototype was one of the first but lost out to ethernet. We operated a time-share system accessed by telephone modem and terminal. We operated a bulletin board system before the internet that evolved to internet hosting for our current 600 or so web sites.

   We are no stranger to disaster. There was a set back when Katrina flooded our offices and warehouse for three weeks with 14 feet of water, but our servers continued with no delay because they were located in California and Illinois. (hint, hint).   Our office was flooded with 5 inches of water in 2000. Our office building burned down in 2012. One of our stores burned down in 1975.

   We are now jumping ahead of the wave again with the transformation to cloud computing.